Friday, January 22, 2010

Harold Faltermeyer - Prophecy

I found this solo album by Harold Faltermeyer, who started working with Giorgio Moroder back in the day. The album called "Harold F" because of his big hit "Axel F" from Beverly Hills Soundtrack. I can't say I liked this album at all, very crappy 80's radio stuff with different singers. This track which is the lead of the album has some great synth sounds and cool samples. I can hear the Pet Shop Boys Behaviour album in this, which he produced.
Listen for yourself.
Download Prophecy

Download Prophecy - Justin Strauss Mix

Looking for the 12" mixes, if anyone has this ripped. Love Justin Strauss!
Prophecy (Justin Strauss Remix)     6:12    
Prophecy (Just Right Dub)     6:38    
Prophecy (7" Mix)     3:59    
Prophecy (House Vocal)     6:18    
Prophecy (House Prophecy Dub)