Friday, December 11, 2009

Ekland/Goat Explosion/The Drums

If you know the band Elkland, Jonathan Pierce's band on Sony, the group is no more after being dropped from the label. I had the pleasure to see open up for Erasure with their synthesizers and attitude. Jonathan has reformed Goat Explosion and this other project called the Drums. 

Here you can download their free digital ep "Let's go Surfing"

Goat Explosion myspace

The Drums myspace
We've been doling out doses of The Drums like they were an acceptable sub for Prozac in recent weeks, so here's something else to keep that ear-to-ear grin on your face, yours eyes glazed over and the hope in your gut. This "Let's Go Surfing" Digital Single features the original cut plus four sunny day remixes. Other than the version contributed by Knight School, these were all done by the duo themselves but they're varied enough, some winsome and clumsy, others shimmering with pure FM playlist potential. Plenty of bands have banged on about the joys of surfing recently, but The Drums seem to come from a more innocent time altogether, one before weed had been invented and when girls still listened to their fathers.

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